Hard Material Small-Batch Industrial Machining Robot

  • START: September 2012
  • DURATION: 38 months
  • TOTAL BUDGET: € 3.4 million
  • EU SUPPORT: € 2.4 million
  • EU GRANT ID: FP7-ICT-314739
  • COORDINATOR: Fraunhofer-Gesellschaft zur Förderung der angewandten Forschung e.V.

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The company EASY-ROB is developing and maintaining the EASY-ROB™ Simulation Tool. EASY-ROB™ is a 3D robotics simulation program to plan, verify and optimize robot work cells. By checking the reach ability, collisions, travel ranges and estimating cycle times, the user will increase the reliability of the planning process and reduce the startup time. The EASY-ROB™ simulation system represents a complete, easy to use and cost efficient simulation solution. A powerful programming interface API allows solving individual requirements and product customization. OEM Partners distribute individual customized EASY-ROB™ Solutions and make improvements using the API. Furthermore, our solutions such as the EASY-ROB™ DLL and the EASY-ROB™ Robotics Simulation Kernel are strongly integrated into customer applications. Our partners have the ability and take advantage of more than 400 available industrial robots with kinematics calculations, motion planning and the complete robotics functionality. Since 2001 more than 700 licenses are in use. 60% sold by OEM customers. 40% are directly sold to 120 end customers. Thereof approx. one-third is universities and research institutes.

Contact Details

Stefan Anton

: stefan.anton@easy-rob.com


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